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The Guidelines for workers compensation

The Guidelines for workers compensation

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is the government organisation responsible for regulating and administering workers compensation (and other insurance claims). A principal objective of SIRA in exercising its functions is to provide for the effective supervision of claims handling and disputes arising under NSW workers compensation legislation.

SIRA’s objective in developing the Workers Compensation Guidelines (Guidelines) and Standards is to improve outcomes in the workers compensation system by ensuring that clear, consistent, easy to access expectations are set for all insurers, to guide insurer conduct and claims management.

It is important that injured workers are protected and that they receive appropriate, timely, respectful services and support. Similarly, it is important that employers are actively engaged in the claims process to support workers with their recovery and return to work.

SIRA uses the Guidelines and the Standards to hold insurers accountable for delivering high standards of service to workers and their families, carers, employers and other stakeholders.

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