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We’ll act for you on a no win, no fee basis, with no upfront costs.

This means you will not be required to pay anything to us if your claim for medical negligence is unsuccessful.

Other no win, no fee medical negligence lawyers ask you to pay thousands of dollars up front for disbursements for costs of medical reports even if your case is unsuccessful. We do not. In addition, we, also, do not charge any uplift fees or unnecessary disbursements or expenses, our rates are lower and more reasonable than the majority of our competitors, and we offer, where possible, our industry leading fee caps. See our why choose us page for many more reasons as to why many Australians choose Longton Compensation Lawyers over anyone else for their medical negligence compensation claim.

All of this means you end up paying less and getting more in your pocket at the conclusion of your claim.

If you are successful in your medical negligence claim, we’ll seek to recover a contribution towards your legal costs from the other party. This contribution can be as high as 70% (but can be less) of your total costs. It will provide for partial reimbursement of your total legal costs. This is because the cost of some work that is required to be performed in your medical negligence claim will not be recoverable from the other party. It’s like the gap between the doctor’s actual charge and the amount paid by Medicare or your private health insurer.

Our no win, no fee and no upfront costs guarantee really does mean that you will not pay us anything unless your claim is successful.


*Disclaimer: This is intended as general information only and not to be construed as legal advice. The above information is subject to changes over time. You should always seek professional advice before taking any course of action.*

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