Public Liability Case Study——How We Helped Mr. Murray

Sha Hotchin
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Public liability compensation claims arise out of injuries sustained on commercial or residential premises, such as supermarkets, shopping centres, common property of strata complexes, as a well as at schools and parks. They also arise as a result of injuries sustained in the course of sporting or recreational activities, boating accidents, animal attacks and many other circumstances. They, often, occur as a result of another person’s failure or omission to act in a particular way or take some sort of action that would have prevented or avoided your injury  (click and see our how I establish negligence in a public liability claim page)

With careful and thorough preparation of the evidence necessary in support of your public liability compensation claim, we will help you to recover the compensation that you deserve. Just like we did for Murray.

Murray’s story

Murray, a retired gentleman, was filling up his car at his local petrol station when he slipped on oil on the road surface near the pumps. He fell awkwardly twisting his left knee.

As a result of his incident, Murray suffered greatly. He developed consequential back pain, as well as pain in both of his hips and his right knee due to altered gait. Having been active for his entire life, Murray felt helpless as the injuries he sustained had a dramatic impact on his life. Murray could no longer walk of stand for prolonged periods of time. His sitting tolerance had, also, been significantly impacted. A simple household chore and gardening, which Murray thoroughly enjoyed prior to his incident, was now an impossible task. Murray’s relationship with his wife, Susan, of many years, had also became strained as a result of his irritability and his restricted ability to engage in his pre-injury recreational activities as well as domestic tasks.

Although a retiree, prior to his injury, Murray was active elderly gentleman who took pride in his garden and enjoyed looking after and his 3 young grandchildren. He, also, helped his wife, Susan, with domestic chores around the house. After his incident, Murray could no longer take care of his garden or help his wife, Susan, around their home without experiencing severe pain in his back, hips and knees. The most devastating impact of the incident for Murray was his inability to look after his grandchildren, bending down to pick up the youngest, or kneel down to play with them on the floor.

How we helped Murray

When Murray approached us, we discovered that Murray’s left knee injury led to consequential problems in his hips, back and right knee, due to his altered gait. We successfully claimed compensation for all of Murray’s injuries, including past and future treatment costs and the costs of commercial assistance around his home and garden so Susan did not have to be burdened with same into the future by having the sole responsibility for these tasks. In addition,  we obtained evidence from a psychiatrist to ensure that Murray was compensated for the emotional and psychological toll the incident and his injuries had on him (click and see out what damages can I claim for injury page)

*Disclaimer: This is intended as general information only and not to be construed as legal advice. The above information is subject to changes over time. You should always seek professional advice beforetaking any course of action.*

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