How to Claim Compensation – Melbourne Earthquake

Sha Hotchin

For the first time in over 20 years, the city of Melbourne was shaken by a destructive earthquake measuring a huge 5.8 magnitude on the Richter scale. Geoscience Australia said the first magnitude 5.8 earthquake was detected in the Alpine National Park south-east of Mansfield around 9:15am and was 10 kilometres deep. 

As we understand, many businesses in the affected areas have faced damages and it is in your best interests to be informed of what you may be able to claim under your insurance policy.

If you have suffered interruption to business or property damage as a result of the earthquake in Victoria today, you may be able to claim benefits under an insurance policy.

To ensure you have the correct evidence, we recommend that you photograph and document the property damage or interruption to business. This evidence will then need to be sent to your insurance company for evaluation. It is further recommended that you check your specific insurance policy to ensure that you are covered by the earthquake event. It is crucial to check the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure there is no fine print ruling out compensation for this type of natural disaster. It is also crucial that you notify your insurer as soon as possible to avoid any time limits that may be imposed on the lodgement of your claim.

If you are unsure how to file a claim for the situation, your insurance company should provide you with information you need to make a claim. Once a claim is made, the insurer has a reasonable time to make a decision whether to extend indemnity (cover) under the policy.

If your claim is denied for whatever reason, please contact our Melbourne office on (02) 8355 9999 as we are more than happy to assist you, or, anyone you know, in this traumatic time.

*Disclaimer:This is intended as general information only and not to be construed as legal advice. The above information is subject to changes over time. You should always seek professional advice before taking any course of action.*

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